Steel coil standard seaworthy package

standard seaworthy package is generally divided into simple packaging and fine packaging.There are two main directions of steel coil packaging: one is simple packaging. After coiling, 1-3 steel strips are tied on the outer circle for fixation. And the process is suitable for hot rolled coil, thick coil, cold rolled coil and coil with good short distance transportation condition. According to the requirements of packaging process, different packaging materials are wrapped on the outer surface of steel coil and bound to form. So the process is suitable for cold rolled steel sheet, Galvanized Steel SheetColor Steel SheetRoof Sheet, etc. No matter which kind of packaging method is related to the product use, packaging equipment, coil storage environment, transportation mode, transportation distance, material selection of packaging materials, user’s personalized special requirements, packaging labor cost, etc.

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The following analysis and research is made on the packing method of Galvanized Steel Coil.
The thickness of Galvanized Coil is 0.12-4.0mm, and the width of steel coil is more than 500mm. Meanwhile it is suitable for the market sale and transportation in most areas, and can protect the coil better.


(1) Wrap the inner and outer paper corner protectors according to the size of steel coil.
(2) The cold rolled coil is first wrapped with wire coated composite paper and fully sealed and bonded with the core paper in the coil.
(3) The inner and outer rings of the core are packed with plastic cloth cover, and the interface is sealed.
(4) Packaging inner guard board (plastic composite board or polyethylene plastic board);
(5) Packaging outer guard board (wood curtain board or polyethylene plastic board);
(6) The inner and outer steel corner protectors and plastic round retaining rings on both ends of the package.
(7) Steel coil bundling: the steel coil through core belt should be bundled according to the coil weight (big coil is more than 5 tons, small coil is less than 5 tons, including 5 tons). There are 6 large coils, 4 small coils and 3 circumferential coils, two of which are on the outer corner guard ring and the other is in the middle of the outer guard plate.

(8) The contents of steel coil identification and label filling should be perfect, generally no less than 2, and a waterproof label should be pasted at the same time.

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steel coil package
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