Precision Stainless Steel Strip

Product Name Precision Stainless Steel Strip


Price:USD/TON 2000

Material: 301 304 304L 310S 316L 321 409L 410S 430 439 441 444 445



Lead Time:25-45 DAYS

Payment Term: TT OR LC



Precision Stainless Steel Strip

Precision stainless steel strip need more process flow, tension Annealing(TA line), size tolerance control. So the precision always higher labor costs and value, also with higher technology requirement and equipment.

Xino Steel can provide Free samples, customers on-site or video factory inspections, MTC , and other documents required by customers.

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Specification of precision stainless steel strip

Xino Steel is Precision Stainless Steel Strips Suppliers & Manufacturers in China. If you need precision stainless steel strips price, please free to contact us to get more information about stainless steel strips price.

precision stainless steel strip


Usually, precision stainless steel product is stripped shape from a material factory, so the strip shape is convenient to package, transport and be processing.

China Xino Steel is one of the leading independent producers of stainless steel precision strips in China. We provide the most complete range of grades, surface finishes, and stainless steel precision strip forms.

We accept the specifications of precision stainless steel strips to meet customer needs to the greatest extent. Including the security treatment of narrowband edges, and we can also provide some colorful products to meet the diverse needs of customers.

If you don’t trust us enough for the first cooperation, we can show you the factory and provide free samples.


Precision Stainless Steel Strip Grades

201 steel strip: belongs to chromium-nickel-manganese austenitic stainless steel with relatively low magnetic properties

301 steel strip: good ductility, used for forming products. It can also be hardened by mechanical processing. Good weldability.

304 steel strip: has good corrosion resistance,heat resistance and mechanical properties, it also has good hot workability such as stamping, bending, and no heat treatment hardening.

304L steel strip: As a low-carbon 304 steel, in general, its corrosion resistance is similar to that of 304, but after welding or stress relief, its resistance to intergranular corrosion is excellent. It can also be used without heat treatment.

316L steel strip: 316 stainless steel contains molybdenum and low carbon content. Its resistance to pitting corrosion in the ocean and in the chemical industry environment is much better than that of 304 stainless steel! (316L low-carbon, 316N nitrogen-containing high-strength, 316F stainless steel has high sulfur content, easy-to-cut stainless steel).

410 steel strip: belongs to martensite (high-strength chromium steel), with good wear resistance and poor corrosion resistance.

420 steel strip: “cutting tool grade” martensitic steel, similar to the earliest stainless steel such as Brinell high chromium steel. It is also used for surgical knives, which can be very bright.

430 steel strip: ferritic stainless steel, for decoration, such as car accessories. Good formability, but poor temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.


Precision Stainless Steel Strips Surface Finish

2B (The surface brightness and flatness of No.2B is better than NO.2D then through a special surface treatment to improveits mechanical properties.

NO.1 (Polished with abrasive belt of grit#100-#200, have better brightness with discontinuous coarse stria, used as inner and external ornaments for building, electrical appliances and kitchen.

NO.4 (Polished with abrasive belt of grit#150-#180, have better brightness with discontinuous coarse stria, but thinner than NO.3,are used as bathtub buildings inner and external ornaments electrical appliances kitchen utansils and food processing equipment etc).

HL (Polished with abrasive belt of grit #150-#320 on the NO.4 finishandhas continuous streaks, mainly used as buildings ornaments elevators, door of building, forntal plate etc).

BA (Cold rolled, bright anneales and skin-passed, the product have excellent brightness and good reflexivity like mirror, kitchenapparatus, ornament etc).


Definition and statement of Precision Stainless Steel Strip

As stainless steel strips suppliers, our company simply makes a description. If you want to learn more, please contact me by email directly.

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1. The definition of stainless steel precision strip:

According to my experience in this area, it should be the thickness is 0.03-2.00mm and the width is 600mm.

Everyone may have a different definition, so far there is no official definition.

2. The performance of stainless steel precision strip:

Mainly refers to its thickness, width tolerance, hardness range, hardness tolerance of the whole roll, surface roughness, surface finishing, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, flatness, and edge conditions.

General Application field about precision stainless steel strip:
  • 1. constant force springs, shrapnel, winding, retainer, pipe clip, reed, zipper
  • 2. polishing glasses cutting material, scraper, diamond blade inside
  • 3. electronic stamping parts, cell phone stamping parts
  • 4. cylinder pads, gaskets, heat transfer pads
  • 5. nameplate, electronic components, and other etching products
  • 6. loom heddles, domes films
  • 7. bellows, capillary, heater catheter, needle
  • 8. buzzer, headphones screen

The package of Stainless Steel Precision Strip China

This is a package of precision stainless steel strips that we export to Australia and other countries. We can change the packaging according to customers’ requirements.

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