DC01 DC02 DC03 DC04 Cold rolled steel sheet

Product Name cold rolled steel sheet


Price:USD/TON 800




Length: 1000-6000mm

Lead Time:25-45 DAYS

Payment Term: TT OR LC



Cold rolled steel sheet

Cold rolled steel sheet is commonly known as cold plate. It is made of ordinary carbon hot-rolled steel strip, which is further cold-rolled into a steel plate with a thickness of less than 4mm. Among them, those delivered in sheets are called steel plates, also known as box plates or flat plates; For steel strip, also known as coil. Due to rolling at room temperature, no iron oxide is produced. Compared with hot-rolled coils, the surface quality, appearance and dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled coils are significantly better than those of hot-rolled coils. About 0.18mm, so it is favored by the majority of users, widely used in automobiles, home appliances, hardware, aviation, industrial equipment and construction industries. In addition, cold-rolled steel coils are also used as substrates for deep processing and become high value-added products. Such as electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, anti-fingerprint electro-galvanizing, color-coated coils and vibration-damping composite steel plates, PVC-coated steel plates, etc.



Specification of Cold rolled steel sheet

Product namecold rolled steel sheet
StandardJIS G3141,DIN1623,EN10130
GradeSPCC, SPCD SPCE,Q195,DC01,DC02,DC03,DC04,ST12
Thickness0.13-3 mm
Width20-1500 mm
Normal width is 914/1000/1219/1250/1500 mm
Coil ID508mm, 610mm
Color weight4-6 tons
Surface TreatmentGeneral, bright, dull and mirror finish, oiled or non-oiled
PackingStandard seaworthy export packing: waterproof paper+steel trip
packed+wooden case seaworthy package
DeliveryWithin 10-15 days
PriceFOB&CNF&CIF price
Payment termsTT or L/C
Application:Prengineered steel buildings, industrial and commercial roofing and cladding,agricultural buildings, building accessories, light steel framing, Quonset huts, construction tubular, appliance, and automotive.


GRADEYield Strength RcLTensile StrengthRmElongationPlastic strain ratior 90Strain Hardening Index n90
GRADEYield Strength RcLTensile StrengthRmPlastic strain ratior 90Strain Hardening Index n90


Cold rolled steel sheet: cold-rolled from ordinary carbon structural steel or low-alloy structural steel. The surface quality of the cold-rolled sheet is better. Has good stamping properties. It is required to ensure that the cold bending and cup tests are qualified, and it is often used in industries such as automobiles and as raw materials for plated sheets.

Cold-rolled high-quality steel sheets: mainly include various high-quality steel cold-rolled sheets, the most commonly used are carbon structural steel sheets, especially cold-rolled steel sheets for deep drawing, which are cold-rolled sheets from low-carbon high-quality steel 08Al. The quality is divided into three groups; Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, respectively represent the special high-grade, high-grade, high finishing surface, according to the drawing grades are divided into ZF, HF, F grades (representing the most complex and very complex for punching and drawing Complex and complex parts), according to the allowable deviation of the thickness of the steel plate, it is divided into A and B levels of precision, which are widely used in the automobile and tractor industry.

Cold-rolled steel sheet, with smooth surface and excellent processing, is used in home appliances such as automobiles, refrigerators, and washing machines, as well as industrial equipment and various building materials. With the development of economy, cold-rolled steel sheet has been called an essential material in modern society. Classification of cold-rolled products: hot-rolled pickling, hard-rolled coil, ordinary cold-rolled, galvanized (electro-galvanized, fingerprint-resistant, hot-dip galvanized), galvanized, electroplated tin, color-coated, electrical steel (silicon steel sheet) Wait.


Cold rolled steel sheet Package

Export seaworthy packing:

Inside package:Water proof paper + Inhibitor film

Outside package:Steel sheet cover + Steel edge protectors + Sufficient steel straps

Customized according to the need to develop different ways.


Delivery Time:15 -20 work days.