Annealed Spring SAE 1050 High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel Strips

Product Name SAE 1050 Grade cold rolled steel coil


Price:USD/TON 1005

Material: Q195,S55C,SAE1050,65MN,CK75



Lead Time:25-45 DAYS

Payment Term: TT OR LC



Production Description

Annealed Spring  Cold Rolled Steel Strip

High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel Strips is a steel product that is produced from a hot rolled strip that has been pickled. The coil is then reduced by a single stand cold roll steel mill straight away or reversing mill or in a tandem mill consisting of several single stands in a series. The strip is reduced to approximately final thickness by cold-rolling directly, or with the inclusion of an annealing operation at some intermediate thickness to facilitate further cold reduction or to obtain mechanical properties desired in the finished product. High carbon strip steel requires additional annealing and cold reduction operations. The coil is then slit to the desired width through the process of roll slitting.


High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel Strips for packages

ASTM 50 High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel Strips for packages



High Carbon  COLD ROLLED STEEL STRIP Properties

1. Material:50#,65mn,SK5,SK7CK75,75CR1,50crv4

2. thickness:0.2-3.0mm

3. width:15-600mm

4. coil weight:100-200kg;200-400kg;400-600kg or based on the customers’requirement

5.thickness tolerance:+-0.02mm

6.width tolerance:+-2mm

7.quantity tolerance:+-5-10%

8.edge:slit edge,sheared edge and round edge

9.color:blue color ,white color and yellow color



12.payment way:TT or L/c at sight

SAE 1050 cold rolled steel strips supplier

Hot rolled strip can be batch annealed for softer, more consistent hardness with moderate spheroidization.

This option is lower cost, but retains relatively wide and variable hot rolled thickness tolerances and a rougher,more variable hot rolled pickled finish.

cold rolled steel strips for hook


High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel Strips is precision rolled to its full hard condition, then fully annealed. As the most reliable material for stamping or fineblanking, cold rolled strip provides the tightest and most consistent thickness tolerances, the highest degree of spheroidization with the softest and most consistent hardness. A fully-processed strip is also made with a clean, uniform finish..



Packing Details  : pvc film,guny bag/snake bag,packing belt,steel pallet.

Delivery Details : white color delivery time 20-30day;yellow and blue color delivery time 30-45day.


  1. oil surface                                                                      2. pvc film surface                                               3. snake bag surface


  1. guny bag surface                                                5. Packing belt and steel pallets                            6. compele packing in container




Xino Steel blue steel strip has many applications now, like Springs and Hight Strength Parts. E.g. Circlips & Automotive Clutch Plates, Wear Resistant Parts, Knives, Saw Blades, Flat Springs, Circlips, Automotive Clutch Plates, High Performance Springs, Machine Knife Blades, Doctor Blades.

High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel Strips application