Steel coil standard seaworthy package

standard seaworthy package is generally divided into simple packaging and fine packaging.There are two main directions of steel coil packaging: one is simple packaging. After coiling, 1-3 steel strips are tied on the outer circle for fixation. And the process is suitable for hot rolled coil, thick coil, cold rolled coil and coil with good short distance transportation condition. According to the requirements of packaging process, different packaging materials are wrapped on the outer surface of steel coil and bound to form. So the process is suitable for cold rolled steel sheet, Galvanized Steel SheetColor Steel SheetRoof Sheet, etc. No matter which kind of packaging method is related to the product use, packaging equipment, coil storage environment, transportation mode, transportation distance, material selection of packaging materials, user’s personalized special requirements, packaging labor cost, etc.

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HRC price in Europe

On April 6, the ex-factory price index for HRC price in the Nordic region was EUR 1,362.5 (USD 1,491.4)/ton, down by EUR 45/ton on a week-on-week basis.

According to European market news, the volume of HRC in the European market has been limited in the past week, and the distributors’ HRC inventory is relatively sufficient. Some special specifications of HRC have been replenished. full. At present, due to the shortage of semiconductor components and auto parts, the operating rate of some European car manufacturers is not high, so the demand for hot coils has declined.

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